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Loans without payroll

The market of loans to individuals has grown exponentially and, above all, alternative financial services to banks, following the economic crisis that began in 2009 and lasted for five years.

To overcome the situation, the Central Bank lowered interest rates, with the result that the availability of liquidity for companies is much greater and, therefore, they are interested in lending money to make it profitable, given that having it in a fixed-term financial institution means losing value.

In this specific case, consumer loans are a way to stimulate economic activity through the purchase of goods and services, which interests governments and economic regulators. Parallel to the recovery of economic activity, the possibilities of unpaid loans offered by specialized financial services companies in this market niche have increased.

In addition, and at a domestic level, we have to indicate that we Spaniards are homologoating ourselves more and more with the countries of our environment, and we opt for loans without payroll to face specific expenses or, simply, response to an unforeseen event. In 2016, the record of consumer loans for individuals was broken, with more than 10 million contracts signed, 14% more than in 2015; Even so, there are countries in the European Union, such as France, where personal loans are more common.

Another reason for the increase in the hiring of unpaid loans with specialized companies is that your relationship with the company is limited to the agreed loan, while with banking entities it is somewhat more complex, since they try, in many cases, to sell you a linked product that you do not need. The old technique of cross selling, common in all shops, is also used in banking and, in fact, on many occasions, to contract the loan you will be forced to take another financial product in the pack.

Competition in the sector is allowing new products with more competitive interests to be hired, and today we can say that it is not necessary to be a potentate to have a loan without payroll. The most common is to use the money to buy cars, appliances, to spend the holidays or pay for events, such as a banquet.

Online loan without payroll

Online loan without payroll

A quick loan is usually used, above all, for the purchase of a durable good or for the financing of specific expenses. In this case, a payroll is usually requested as a guarantee or a stable source of income. It will depend on your medium-term economic response capabilities, but you can hire up to 5,000 euros to repay in 48 months.

Of course, in this case you will have to describe what is the good you want to acquire, as well as your market valuation so that you can approve the operation. It is a medium-term operation, but it must be said that the market trend in Spain is to lengthen the payment periods, being the most usual to opt for return periods of between one year and five.

Who benefits the loans without payroll?

Who benefits the loans without payroll?

Unpaid loans have become a great way to request easy money, fast and without third-party guarantees. However, because it is a risky financial transaction, the banking entities that grant them rely on the personal assets of the lenders (credit beneficiaries) and, in the event of default, activate the collection mechanisms through the attachment of goods (present and future), until paying off the debt with the generated interest.

Are you thinking about requesting one? Perhaps your qualities as an applicant for credit, in the usual financial and mortgage channels, do not meet the sufficient guarantees required by the banks. You have reaped negatives over and over again. They do not lend you You are facing an economic emergency, you need to face an unforeseen payment. A unique opportunity has arisen and, once again, you do not have enough money to fulfill your dreams. Unpaid loans can help you.

Who are the online loans for without a payroll?

Who are the online loans for without a payroll?

Citizens unemployed or without permanent work

Although online loans without payroll are subject to higher interest than mortgage loans, the amount, as small amounts of money, does not increase excessively, if the installments are paid in a timely manner. This benefits, especially, those workers who, without having a regular income (unemployed people, workers with contracts for work and service or temporary), need money urgently and without too much paperwork.

A fine of traffic, obligations with the Treasury or the payment of bills (electricity, water, gas, telephone …) could motivate you to request a loan without payroll to get out of step. In these cases, the immediate payment of your responsibilities is of great interest. And, if not comply with these obligations, the amounts owed could be transformed, in the case of a fine, from 60 to 120 euros (double), in a very short period.

Included in delinquent listings

Have you stumbled on the “no” when you went to apply for a mortgage or installment financing of a high-end mobile phone? The reasons may be diverse and one of them could be that you are part of a list of defaulters. In Spain, the reference lists are Financial Credit Institutions, RAI and Cribe, which, according to Law 5/1992, notify by registered letter to those affected their integration in them.

The dreaded Financial Credit Institutions has been a workhorse for millions of people, but those of us who know how big companies work, know that being included in the file of defaulters is not equivalent to owing money. The increasing complexity of economic activity also implies complex situations in which not everything is black or white.

It may be that we have become confused in the payment of an invoice for a change of address and that, after a few years, the bank denies us an operation because we are registered as defaulters. It could also be that we have refused to pay an invoice for supplies that we considered abusive and that, in retaliation, the company has included us in that file.

Although, until 2009, financial institutions relativized the importance of this blacklist, with the arrival of the Great Recession, the risk departments of banks became stricter to avoid increases in delinquency and one of the consequences was to close the credit to those people who were included in the list.

Fortunately, today there are several financial services companies that are aware of this problem and offer loans to people who are in Financial Credit Institutions but can demonstrate the ability to return it.

The non-payment of a debt, a fee or a receipt chases you and can bring unexpected consequences. Therefore, online loans without payroll benefit you, especially if you belong to one of these lists, which, unlike banks, do not rely on this information to grant or deny a credit.

Money calls money and credits, sometimes, are often necessary to rebuild and build. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of this financial product and for all!

Request an online loan without payroll

Request an online loan without payroll

Traditionally, to get a loan for consumption they used to ask for a payroll. Now, it is possible that you have alternative sources of income important enough to face it and that the financial institution, depending on its risk policy, denies it. In fact, many people have encountered this situation in the wake of the economic crisis.

Unpaid loans respond to a popular certainty that, it seems, many financial entities are not yet aware: not having a payroll does not imply lack of economic resources. A paradigmatic case is that of the self-employed who work on their own but have easily demonstrable income through quarterly IVA or IRPF settlements.

One of the advantages of hiring an online loan without payroll is immediacy. If you apply for a credit to the bank, it probably takes several days for it to be granted, not counting the waiting time in the office. Instead, the internet offers an answer in a few minutes, from the comfort of your computer.

Secondly, online loans without a payroll can be used to cover unforeseen expenses, such as a traffic ticket or fees that you have to pay without losing time. You can ask for up to 800 euros to be paid in six weeks, enough time to be able to face the payment and return the money.

To be able to contract an online loan without payroll you only need a demonstrable source of income, be between 18 and 65 years old and a mobile phone in which you can receive the notification. Once the transaction is approved, in a few minutes you will have the money in your bank account.

Are There Mini Loans Without Requirements?

Many people wonder if it is true that there really are so-called mini loans without requirements. It is very likely that you also ask yourself this question if you are looking for funding, since there has been a lot of talk about this type of financial services but at the same time there are many doubts about it. Next, we will answer the following question: is it true that mini-loans exist without requirements? Let’s see.

How to get mini loans without requirements

How to get mini loans without requirements

Mini loans that do not have any kind of requirement do not exist. However, there are some quick loans that have virtually no requirements. In fact, the few they have tend to have very low demands.

Therefore, even if you hear about loans without requirements, what people really mean is that compared to bank loans, they have almost no requirements. Do you want to know what you must meet to apply for one of these loans?


To apply for one of these loans it is necessary that you have, at least, the age that the lender requests. Generally this age is in the 18 years. However, because many lenders do not want to lend their money to people who are too young, you may find yourself with some entities that increase this age up to 21, 25 or even 30 years.

On the other hand, in many cases there is also a maximum in age. In the same way that the minimum can be found in 18, 21 or 25 years, the maximum can also vary. Generally, you can apply for this type of loan up to 70 years. Sometimes, this age can be higher (for example, 75 years) or lower (65 years).

The residence

In order to apply for one of these loans with few requirements, you will need to be a resident in Spain. This means that if you are Spanish, but live outside of Spain as an official resident, you will need to apply for a loan in an entity in the country where you are living.

On the other hand, if you are not Spanish but you are residing legally in Spain, that is, you have a NIE that identifies you, you can request this type of loan from any of the entities that you can find here.

Therefore, in order to access these loans you need a valid Spanish identity document, regardless of whether it is a DNI or NIE.


Another requirement that you need to meet to apply for a quick mini loan is to have income. But these revenues must meet three characteristics. Let’s see what they are.

  • Regular This means that the money you earn must enter your bank account on a regular basis. For example, once a month. Therefore, if you receive a certain amount of money from time to time but it does not happen again in a long time, that type of income would not make you eligible for the loan.
  • Demonstrable This money must be demonstrably legal, so it must come from a legal source, such as a declared job or some type of benefit or pension. You can also use the rents if you are a rentier. However, if you work earning money in black, that is, without going through the bank and a record is left, you will not be able to access the funding no matter how high the amount you earn per month.
  • Enough Although it is obvious, sometimes it is necessary to say it too. The amount of money you earn each month should be enough to pay off the loan once the return period ends. If the income you count on each month meets these three characteristics you can request a mini loan without requirements. Therefore, it is not necessary that you have a payroll. You can access this financing having another type of income, such as the income generated by your work as self-employed, an unemployment benefit or a pension that meets all three characteristics.

Contact method

The entity to which you apply for the loan needs to have a contact method to be able to talk with you about their conditions and communicate the different notifications that you need to make. In many cases it will serve you simply by including a phone number or an email in your application.

Remember that you must have some type of contact method since, being a service that is provided online, the company will send you the documents for you to sign, as well as the loan contract through one of these means.

Bank account in your name

In order for the company to transfer the money you have requested, it is necessary that you have a bank account in your name. This means that if your wife or husband is the owner of the account, it will be he or she who has to put their name on the application.

This condition, which can often seem insignificant, is very important and basic. In fact, if you do not have a bank account of which you are a holder or co-owner, you will not be able to request either this type of financing or, in general, any other.

Not being in Financial Credit Institutions

Financial Credit Institutions is the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments. This association manages a file that includes people who have debts with entities or companies.

There are some lender companies that allow you to request this type of fast loans online even if you are in a file of defaulters, such as Financial Credit Institutions. However, this is not always the case. There are other companies that will not accept your application if you are in one of these registers.

Undoubtedly, this is something that you should keep in mind since in case you are in Financial Credit Institutions one of your simplest financing solutions are the mini loans. But you must go to a company that accepts clients in your situation.

These are the basic requirements that you can find in mini-loan companies without requirements. These may vary from one company to another. However, the great majority of fast-loan companies have the norm to include these conditions. If you are looking for this type of financing, do not hesitate to take a look at our website. You can find the financing you need in a few minutes.

Request A Loan Easy As That – Payday Loans Online Direct Lenders No Credit Check

The consolidation loan can be compared to the popular puzzle jigsaw. Each element is a kind of debt, although it is incurred in various institutions and they match each other. They form one whole or in fact one financial obligation. Such a merger of individual credits and loans has many advantages that support debtors.

Online Payday Loans No Credit Check. Getting cash is fast, easy and simple as 1,2,3

One installment per month
The basic Help! of payday loan consolidation is the ability to regulate only one installment per month. This is due to the fact that we are signing a new loan agreement with the bank, which also has different loan terms. Because it is only one financial obligation, we are obliged to pay only one installment. It creates a kind of order in our home budget. We only determine when the installment is to be taken from our account – at the beginning, in the middle part or at the end of the month.

Consolidation with additional cash
People interested in debt consolidation also have the opportunity to apply for additional funds that can be used for any purpose. Cash is granted along with the loan and included in its costs. The amount of such an additional loan depends on the borrower’s creditworthiness.

Lower monthly installment
Because we pay only one installment instead of several resulting from the debts we have, it is lower than the sum of the installments we have settled so far. It is estimated that the installment can be reduced by up to 30-40%. It is mainly dependent on the selected repayment date and what kind of liabilities we will consolidate.

The contract is signed at any bank.
A great simplification for borrowers is the fact that they can take out a consolidation loan at any bank offering such financial liabilities. It does not have to be an institution where you are currently paying off a loan or a loan, or have an open account. They can choose from various bank offers. In many cases, it is also not necessary to create an account, all you need to do is collect the necessary documents.

Short waiting period
Information about obtaining a consolidation loan is received very quickly by the customer. The initial decision is usually made after the first interview with the interested parties. The final one announced the next day from the moment of submitting the necessary documents. What’s more, you can also apply for a consolidation loan online, which further shortens the application process.

Cheap payday loan in 10 minutes? Can be ?

Summer is coming, you’re spending a lot of money, and you already have emptiness in your wallet? Do not worry – there is advice!

tani kredyt gotowkowy

Especially in the event of this type of random events, a cheap payday loan was created in 10 minutes .
By definition, the loan is usually given for a specific purpose, but with a payday loan it is fortunately different – in his case there is no specific goal. For this reason, it is similar to a loan. Wait, however, do not run to the bank – first read the payday loan calculator.

On the internet you will find a lot of websites comparing payday loans, so the material to study will certainly not lack you. Benefit, above all, from websites that are independent of banks, because their subjectivism could lead you astray.


How does a payday loan calculator work? Really very simple: enter the amount of the loan and the number of installments, and after a few seconds you will receive a reply, which of the banks will present you the most advantageous offer. And certainly there will be a lot of these offers, even the most advantageous ones, because currently – in times of crisis – banks are competing in the fight for clients.

Nowadays it is very difficult for a normal citizen to function without an account or credit. Therefore, in the offer of banks, apart from the basic financial offer, such as a personal account, a payday loan or a debit card, a credit card also appeared . fast payday loans – more about this we write on .


Currently, we have no problem with taking out a loan because it is enough to have creditworthiness and we already have money with a loan in hand.

However, the fact that we will get a loan is practically a normal thing (unless we have problems – and we have to look for a product called “loan without bikes”), therefore it is worth looking for the best loan – for this purpose, we use loans and loans and credit rankings.

Very many banks offer so-called good credit – I would advise you to pay attention to such offers before reading the details, and this is due to the legal traps in the contracts. Recently, news that comes to us from the country and the world say and warn that we are very willing to take out mortgages without looking into the future – and this is a mistake.


Below we have chosen the three best payday loans that you can get a dozen or so minutes – that is, as quickly as you can – you think that they have the most interesting conditions and interest rates at the moment.

Payday Loan: Immediate or Instant Online Loan

 What are these immediate or instant online credits?

What are these immediate or instant online loans?

This type of financial product is characterized by guaranteeing you money quickly and instantly. They are requested through a completely online process and whose requirements are not as demanding, being granted to people with a minimum of 21 years , who have a valid Identity Document or NIE and who have a bank account where they can be acloaned.


What are the requirements to apply for an online loan immediately?

What are the requirements to apply for an online credit immediately?

In general, the amount of paperwork is less in this type of loan , even in most cases it has become null, because the entire process is done through the web. However, there are a number of requirements that you must meet in order for the loan to be granted:

  • Be at least 21 years of age, being 75 years the other end of the scale. However, there are financial institutions that are much more flexible with age, being able to grant loans to people under 21 years of age.
  • You must have the Spanish residence , demonstrable through the application of the DNI or NIE
  • You must have the ability to show that you have income that can cover the monthly fee payments. Among these documents are the copy of the work list, the benefit for lack of employment or the income of your business.
  • You must have a bank account number
  • Have an active mobile phone

Although these are the basic requirements that all entities request, a new trend has been developed that has simplified all these steps, through the application of loans only with presenting the DNI or the NIE.


How do immediate online loans benefit me?

How do immediate online credits benefit me?

If you are considering an online loan, there are many benefits it brings, and in the financial market you can get your ideal financing instrument. Do you want to know some of the benefits of these loans?

  • They are fast , they are made in their entirety through the website of the selected entity . In addition, the acloanation notification only takes 10-20 minutes
  • With permanent availability, being able to make the request 24 hours a day and throughout the year
  • They adapt to the need of the applicant, it is enough to present the DNI or NIE
  • They are efficient, since it allows you to obtain direct loan to your bank account, with sums that can reach 1000 euros


What is the payment term for the immediate online loans?

What is the payment term for the immediate online credits?

Although this term is assigned according to the payment capacity and the negotiation of the applicant with the financial institution, there is a general consensus of the entities to assign this type of loan a return period of maximum 30 days , which may be extended in some cases. cases to 45 days.

This period of time corresponds to the low of the amount that is assigned by each loanor, which tend to reach maximum sums of 1000 euros. However, there has been a rise in this limit due to the greater acceptance that this type of loan has presented . There are new offers that reach 1,500 euros per loan, being able to meet the payment in a period of three months.


Can I trust this type of loan?

Can I trust this type of credit?

One of the main characteristics of this type of loan is that they guarantee total transparency , whether the application is by traditional banks or private lenders. In many cases, these loans do not have extra commissions and you can pay it according to the agreed term.

Regarding interest, although the figure will depend on the amount of money requested and the time agreed for solvency, they are well stipulated in the contract signed with the entity.


Can I get immediate online loans completely free?

Among the new loan modalities, a new type of microloan has emerged which is completely free, that is, it does not have any type of commission and no interest rate.

However, the disadvantage of this type of loan is that it can only grant the loan of small amounts of money.

The borrowed money can cover between 100 and 400 euros and although it does not have a specific interest rate, you can be subject to sanctions in case of not paying within the stipulated period.